“In all the times that I experienced depression, it has never been addressed in such a proactive way.” (Service user)

“Taking just small steps can have a huge impact on your life, it did for me.” (Service user)

“I am really proud of the fact that I haven’t self-harmed for well over a year and I know that I can ask for help from Health for Living if I am in trouble of any kind.” (Service user)

“I believe that the Health for Living courses are desperately needed in the community, especially for people that are in need of somewhere to reach out to when times are bad.” (Service user)

“I have attended a few courses run by the NHS and The Kaleidoscope Plus Group and I am now a lot more confident and use relaxation and visualisation each day.” (Service user)

“Throughout the course the Health for Living Co-ordinator was really supportive and I felt I could talk to her and ask questions if I needed to.” (Service user)

“When I first started the course I didn’t want to tell people about it because as a man you can be seen as weak for showing your emotions. Now I would  highly I’d recommend it.” (Service user)

“Accessing the Health for Living courses literally saved my life. I attended a Pain Management course which was really beneficial and taught me how to manage my pain a lot better.” (Service user)

“Not only are the courses beneficial to go to but they are a great way of seeking advice and help and a place to find new friends.” (Service user)